Sports & Leisure Industry

Technology : Windows Mobile 6.0/GPRS

Location : Surrey, United Kingdom USA

Industry : Sports & Leisure

Solution : Mobile Solutions For Merchandisers


Retailer with over 100 outlets in leading sports & leisure centres across UK like Esporta, David Lloyd, Holmes place and in major high street across UK had big challenge for their inventory control due to the constant movement of stock across the cubes. They were also severly limited due to the lack of IT infrastructures at the cubes. For their business model to succeed, it was vital that accurate stock level information of various cubes was available in real time at the head office and for the merchandisers to restock the items. The merchandisers moved the stock around in van with the stock for cubes and followed a laborious process of restocking the cubes due to lack of real time information.

Solution Provided

A .net mobile application developed with c Sharp and running on Symbol MC70 with windows mobile 6 was designed and developed by Arts engineers. The symbol mc70 comes with inbuilt scanner. The mobile application worked with sql server mobile version for data storage and manipulation. This enabled the merchandisers to perform the stock control activities at the cubes. The stock information was communicated via GPRS through a hosted web service to the head office. This meant the head office was able to see all the stock movement across the enterprise in real time. Additional features included different user profiles, new stock creation etc.

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